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Flood Restoration

When to consult a flood restoration professional

water-damage-restoration-tigard-orFlooding creates a safety risk for all household members, mostly health-related problems.

Effective flood restoration is required in order to eliminate the health hazards associated with flooding and restoring a damaged property, this requires the right knowledge and skill set.

Flooding can be caused by nature or problems within the home or property.

Nature can cause flooding in the basement by way of heavy rains, typhoon and ice build up. Internal problems are faulty plumbing or burst pipes, poor drainage, leakage, drain overflows and wall foundation cracks.

Determine the cause and health risk of a flood

water-damageFlood water carries bacteria, human wastes, and other hazardous substances.

The suitable clean-up methods will depend on the cause of the flood and the level of the damage.

Waters that are considered unsafe and contaminated are called gray water and black water.

The former typically comes from the overflows, while the later carries sewage or toxic chemicals.

Safe clear water will be regarded as polluted if the sourced is outside.

Flood restoration may be a moderate or an extremely difficult task depending on the severity of the damages done in the basement and basement properties.

Processes involved are:

  • flood water and flood debris removal
  • complete drying of the entire basement
  • restoration of upholstery
  • textile and carpet
  • disinfection
  • deodorization
  • and air purification

Consulting a flood restoration professional

water-damage-repairUndertaking flood restoration project should not be done alone. The best thing to do is call a restoration professional or company. It is necessary to identify the source of the flood immediately.

Wearing suitable safety clothing is a must to avoid being contaminated by polluted water.

If the homeowner has special flood insurance coverage, it will be necessary to communicate with the flood insurance company to report the damage and to suggest safe efficient cleanup actions.

The insurance company will pay for the damages flooding caused, but the damage caused by negligence on the part of the homeowner or household members will not be covered by the insurance.

Employing flood restoration professionals is best to avoid the inconvenience of doing the cleanup tasks yourself.

Restoration companies commonly provide services such as flood water and debris removal, as well as documentation for your insurance company. They also have appropriate cleanup tools and equipment for the safe removal of water and dehumidifier for drying the excess water.

Standing water and risks

Standing water causes the most damage to basement walls, carpets, and flooring.

These may need to be replaced, reinforcement or require mold remediation.

All items in the basement, as well as furniture and other usable materials, must undergo thorough flood cleaning and disinfection. In terms of mold treatment, it is best to consult with the professionals.

Some types of molds are very toxic and could affect severely the quality of air in the basement, as well as in the entire house.

Restoration of the water damaged basement and its contents is possible with quick and proper actions is taken.

The process of restoring basement flooring is extensive and costly. To free yourself from these difficulties and it is best to let a restoration company be in charge of the flood restoration.

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