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Fire Damage Cleanup

At Elite Water Damage Restoration, our team can help with more than just water leak and flooding emergencies — we’re also specialized in fire damage cleanup as well. After your home or business has the misfortune of experiencing a fire, you can count on our professional team to respond quickly to your calls and bring normalcy back to your building in no time.

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Fire Damage Restoration Clean Up – Dealing with Odor, Damaged Paint, and Soot

Before starting any fire damage cleanup, remember the highest priority is your safety. In the case of a large fire, verify with experts the stability and safety of your home or business. You want to make sure the structure can withhold furniture, appliances, and people residing there. Before you start repairing and cleaning, check the condition of electrical wires and water pipes to make sure they are in good condition. Remove any debris prior to the cleaning.

Now that you have checked for any safety issues, the first thing you will notice when you go back in the house is everything is covered in black soot. Areas closely exposed to the fire may have more soot damage. Soot is acidic and always back, and the consistency can vary. Eliminating the soot is the first step. It can stick to everything and stains. You do not want to apply any cleaning agents yet because it will just turn into the form of mud, which is even harder to clean.

Start off with a vacuum to eliminate the soot, handheld vacuums work great! However, this can be a tough and long process, and it is highly recommended to contact a trained Fire Damage Restoration Expert to clean up the soot damage.

Once the soot is gone, in fire damage cleanups, the next step is treating the black spots. You may see black spots on the surfaces that have been exposed to the fire. These spots can be removed with Trisodium phosphate, which is applied using a sponge. Then, dip a rag in warm water and wipe the surface. Wear goggles to prevent irritations when preparing the solution for cleaning and sanitizing the affected areas.

Getting rid of the smoke smell from your home is the next step. You may not be able to see it, but the odor can be very irritating. Breathing in that burnt odor is extremely unhealthy and uncomfortable. Start off by opening the doors and windows.

Walls and Floors can be wiped down with a white vinegar solution. Vinegar can naturally deodorize and penetrate level areas made of concrete or wood. Sprinkle baking soda on any carpets and upholstered furniture and let stand for about three days to absorb the odor. You can then clean the carpets and upholstery with a vacuum cleaner.

During the fire damage cleanup, you may come across walls that have bubbled paint. You do not want to cover them with a fresh coat of paint. Bubbles in the paint can make the new layer flake and look ugly in the future. Wear a dust mask so you don’t inhale particles, and using a putty knife scrape the bubbles and make the area even by sanding it. After that is done, you can also apply a layer of primer and repaint the surface.

The Importance of Cleaning Up Fire Damage Sooner Rather Than Later

After a fire, immediate action is essential in mitigating the impacts of fire damage. The aftermath of a fire isn’t limited to charred walls and ashes — it includes smoke damage, soot damage, and water damage from firefighting efforts. If fire damage cleanup isn’t initiated at a moment’s notice, the extensive damage can worsen. 

For instance, standing water can seep into building materials, paving the way for mold growth. Soot and smoke can tarnish surfaces, embed odors into walls and furniture, and cause health risks. Smoke odor, in particular, can be difficult to remove if not addressed promptly. In Philadelphia, PA, the humid environment can further complicate the damage, making debris removal and structural drying a priority. 

In addition, fires — even small cooking fires — can weaken the structural components of a home or business. Broken or missing windows can expose the property to external elements, leading to additional damage. As a result, for the safety and restoration of the property, it’s vital that property owners begin the restoration process without delay, restoring their home or business to its pre-fire condition or pre-loss condition.

Why It’s Best to Entrust Professionals With Fire Damage Cleanup

When it comes to fire damage restoration, the expertise of professionals is paramount. Highly trained technicians offer fire restoration services that not only clean the apparent fire and smoke damage but also address underlying issues like water vapor, soot, and lingering smoke odors. 

The end goal of the fire restoration process is to restore the property to its original state or even its original condition. This involves a complete job, from cleaning soot off surfaces, repairing broken windows, and ensuring the air is free of harmful particles. Attempting a DIY can lead to missed spots, lingering odors, and unresolved water damage, which can lead to mold growth. As a result, if you want a comprehensive restoration, hiring our professional fire restoration services is the best way to thoroughly clean up after a fire.

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When it comes to fire damage cleanup services, you can always place your trust in our team for efficient and thorough results. We understand how much of an impact a fire can have on your daily life, which is why we work quickly to ensure that your emergency is taken care of as soon as possible.

For more information on our fire damage cleanup services, contact Elite Water Damage Protection today. We also specialize in a variety of other services too, including black mold restoration, water damage cleanup, flood restoration, and much more.


The time it takes to clean up fire damage varies based on the extent of the damage, the size of the property, and the specifics of the damage itself. For minor fires, cleanup could take a few days to a week. However, for more extensive damage involving structural components, water damage, and deep-set soot and smoke, the process can extend to several weeks or even months. It’s essential to remember that while immediate cleanup begins soon after the fire is extinguished, the complete restoration process, which brings a property back to its original condition, can be more time-consuming.

The cost of fire damage cleanup services is influenced by various factors, including the fire’s size, the affected areas, the type of materials damaged, and the required restoration services. Minor fires with limited damage can cost a few hundred to a few thousand dollars. In contrast, extensive fires damaging significant portions of a home or business can run into tens of thousands of dollars.

Yes, smoke-damaged drywall can often be cleaned, especially if the damage is superficial. Professional cleaning solutions and techniques are designed to remove soot and smoke residues from surfaces. However, if the smoke has penetrated deeply or if the drywall has absorbed a lot of water during firefighting, replacement might be the more effective solution. Highly trained technicians can assess the extent of smoke damage and recommend the best course of action.

A successful fire damage cleanup will restore the property to its original state or pre-fire condition. This means there will be no lingering smoke odors, all soot and smoke stains are removed, structural components are safe and sound, and there are no signs of water damage or potential mold growth. Additionally, personal items and furniture that were salvageable should be cleaned and restored.

Painting over smoke-stained walls without proper cleaning and priming can lead to problems. The residues from smoke and soot can bleed through the paint, leading to discoloration. Moreover, the lingering smoke odor can be trapped and might continue to emit a smell over time. For effective results, it’s important to clean and prime the walls with a stain-blocking primer before painting — this ensures the paint adheres correctly and the stains and odors are sealed away.

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