Mold Removal

Elimination Methods & Importance

mold removal 1Molds belong to the fungi kingdom or division of spore producing living organisms called fungi. Their spores are produced in such large number than when released and carried through the air can start a serious mold problem. Molds can produce asexually, allowing them to reproduce at a very high rate. Most households may suffering long term from mold problems, however, home owners do not know that they have the problem indeed, or in some instances, a water damage only will intensify and worsen this pre-existing problem. Whether you are aware of the problem or not, mold clean up is an important household task that should be performed at regular intervals.

Why it is necessary

mold removal 2Mold clean up is necessary to prevent health problems from occurring and worsening. Molds are considered as allergens and by performing mold mitigation activities; you are actually decreasing the chances that anyone in your household may contract asthma, rhinitis, allergic skin reactions, and difficulty breathing. In cases when there are already family members with such medical conditions, further worsening of their symptoms will be prevented.

Mold removal is also important to prevent damage to properties. Molds are known to thrive in areas where there is always high moisture content. These areas are usually faucet areas, sinks, and closets. Other things inside the house that are prone to mold infestation are sofas and curtains. Because moisture and dirt accumulate on them easily, black mold usually thrives on them. Even your children’s toys such as stuffed toys might be infested by molds. Cleaning processes such as vacuuming and dry cleaning will free them from mold infestation. It will also keep your children safe from the allergenic spores released by the molds.

Simple activities you can do

mold removal 3In certain instances, simple mold restoration activities might do the trick. Fabrics such as bed sheets and cloths just need to be washed by a detergent and hot water to kill the molds. The pieces should also be dried properly to prevent the molds from growing back. For painted walls that have been damaged by molds, repainting them is not recommended. Molds from under the surface of the paint will just keep them from growing back. You need to spray or wash the walls with mold and mildew cleaners to prevent the molds from growing back. This is done beforehand, so you can safely proceed to repainting the wall surfaces.

When to call a professional

In instances when the mold damage is severe, newer mold clean up methods will be best. Wood and cement surfaces are commonly badly infested by molds especially when there is a constant flow of water running through. Several companies that are dedicated to eliminate household molds use the technique of hyper sanding. Under this technique, the wooden and cement surfaces are laid with high efficiency air particle sanding and after which biocides are sprayed on the surfaces to immediately kill the molds. Another new method that is gaining fast popularity is the dry ice blasting method, where ice pellets are produced from an ice blaster. The ice pellets sublime and turn to carbon dioxide gas as it reaches mold affected areas and instantly killing the molds.

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