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Mold Removal And Remediation Services

Home designs around Philadelphia range from a century old to recently constructed homes. An older home will have a different kind of indoor air quality than a modern home with a sealed interior. Both styles (and most styles in between) have issues with indoor air quality. Indoor air quality has become the focus of home improvement professionals, homeowners, and doctors throughout the Philadelphia area. What does indoor air quality mean?

Indoor Air Quality

Indoor air quality refers to the air you breathe when inside your house or office. It is considered a source of many health issues. It can be full of particulates, allergens, and mold. Many homes have poorly designed windows or old, leaky pipes. These lead to a build-up of particles that cause vague or chroanic symptoms of ill health. Mold can be a hidden issue.

Mold In The Home

Mold and mildew are spores that travel on the air. They come in through windows, track in on shoes, and are carried on a pet’s fur. These spores thrive in damp conditions like in a garage, bathroom, laundry room, or inside a wall where a hidden pipe leak exists. Mold has a detrimetal effect on human and animal health.

Health Issues

Mold causes many allergy and flu-like symptoms. Congestion, sniffling, coughing, and sneezing may occur. When the body is continually exposed to mold, this overtaxes the immunity system. The individual may catch colds year-round. They may have asthma symptoms. They may experience allergies that never seem to go away. They may be prone to bronchial problems, snoring, poor sleep, and lack of mental focus.

What You Can Do

We recommend that homeowners check their home regularly for signs of dampness. These may include:

  • Damp marks on walls
  • Spots on the ceiling
  • A damp smell
  • The smell of moldiness
  • Leaking or sweating pipes
  • Standing water outside
  • Inadequate ventilation in the kitchen or bathroom
  • Poor insulation

These are issues that need to be remedied before any mold removal can begin. The reason is that if the source or cause of the wetness is not addressed, then the mold remediation will not last very long.

What We Do

We stand by our products and services. We hate to see homeowners invest in our services when they haven’t really solved the underlying issue. It just means they’ll have to deal with mold again. We don’t want people wasting their money on temporary fixes when they could take care of a leaking pipe or fix a window. At that point, our services will make all the difference. Your indoor air quality will be much healthier, and your signs of mold will disappear.

We’ll ask a series of questions when a homeowner first contacts us. We want a preliminary idea of the situation. For instance, was there a recent natural disaster with flooding, or did the water tank in the home fail? How long ago did this happen? We’ll arrange to come to the property. We’ll need safe access to all parts of the house, so please restrain pets and make the attic accessible.

Inspect And Assess

We inspect the entire home. We look for sources of wetness that need addressing, and we search for mold. We’ll provide information on how extensive the mold is. We’ll give you a free estimate on how much remediation will cost.

Contain The Problem

We will take every possible step to contain a mold problem while we work on it. This will prevent mold from spreading to other parts of the home where there is no mold.

Filter The Air

We will filter the air to remove mold spores and stop them from spreading on their own.

Remove Moldy Materials

We’ll remove moldy materials like carpeting that has been inundated during a flood.

Clean Other Belongings

Mold can grow on just about anything, so we’ll clean wood, stone, concrete, fabric, metal, etc. We want that mold gone just as much as you do!

Restore Your Home’s Condition

Following a mold remediation service, your home will be a safer, healthier environment for you and your family. Indoor air quality will improve. Has the home reinspected regularly? The sooner mold is treated, the better your home indoor air will be for you.

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