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Sewage Odor Removal

Living with a sewage odor in your home can be a frustrating experience. Apart from the unpleasantness, persistent sewer odors can also indicate serious issues with your home’s plumbing system — potentially posing health risks.

Elite Water Damage Restoration is a leader in sewage odor removal. We offer professional services to eliminate sewer odor and ensure your home is safe, clean, and odor-free.

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Our Sewage Odor Removal Services Are Available in Many Locations

For over a decade, we’ve provided top-tier sewage odor removal services in Montgomery County, PA, and surrounding areas such as:

  • Bensalem, PA
  • Southampton, PA
  • Bucks County, PA
  • Chester County, PA
  • Delaware County, PA
  • Montgomery County, PA
  • Philadelphia County, PA
  • Gloucester County, NJ
  • Hunterdon County, NJ
  • Mercer County, NJ
  • Somerset County, NJ
  • Burlington County, NJ

Our team of experts understands the ins and outs of sewer gas, sewer smells and how to handle them effectively. We have the skill, knowledge, and resources to deal with sewer odors and water restoration from the simplest to the most complex.

Common Causes of Sewer Odor

Understanding the root causes of sewage odor is important for effectively combating it. Below, we’ve compiled a list of some common factors contributing to that foul sewer smell:

  1. Dry Drain Traps: If your home is permeated with a sewage smell, it might be due to dry drain traps. Drains are designed with a P-trap, a U-shaped pipe that retains a small amount of water, forming a seal to prevent sewer gas from entering your home. If a drain isn’t used for an extended period, the water evaporates, breaking the seal and allowing the sewer gas smell to infiltrate your home.
  2. Faulty Wax Rings: Wax rings create a seal between the toilet flange and the toilet itself. A worn-out or faulty wax ring can allow sewer gas to escape from the sewer line and permeate your home.
  3. Blocked Vent Pipes: Every plumbing system has a vent pipe to funnel sewer gasses safely outside. When this vent pipe is blocked, perhaps by debris or a bird’s nest, sewer gas can’t escape and is forced back into the house, leading to a persistent sewer smell.
  4. Cracked Sewer Lines: A crack in your sewer line can allow sewer gas to escape. Not only can this create a foul sewage smell, but it may also lead to expensive repairs if not promptly addressed.
  5. Improperly Sealed Sewer Lines: If your sewer lines or sewer pipes aren’t sealed correctly, sewer gas can escape. Over time, these seals can deteriorate, and it’s essential to have a licensed plumber check them periodically to prevent sewer smells.
  6. Sewer Line Clogs: Clogs in the sewer line can cause sewer gas to back up into the house, leading to an unpleasant sewage smell. Common culprits include hair, food particles, and other waste blocking the flow of waste through the sewer line.
  7. Methane Gas: This toxic gas, a primary component of sewer gas, can fill your home with a sewage smell if there’s an issue with your sewage system or septic tanks.

Understanding these common causes can help you identify and address the root of your home’s sewage odor issue. Always remember if the sewage smell persists, it’s time to call a professional for a thorough investigation and treatment.

Health and Environmental Risks

Continual exposure to sewer gas and sewage odors can lead to health problems, including headaches, nausea, and in severe cases, even neurological damage. Sewer gasses like methane and hydrogen sulfide are highly flammable, posing a risk to the safety of your home. Our services aim to mitigate these risks, ensuring your home remains a safe and healthy environment for you and your family.

Our Sewage Odor Removal Process

Our procedure for sewage odor removal starts with an assessment of your property to identify the origin of the sewer smell. Once we’ve pinpointed the source, we formulate a strategy to not only eliminate the odor but also fix the underlying issue. This thorough process may include cleaning and sanitizing affected areas, repairing or replacing damaged sewer lines, and ensuring all sewer traps are adequately sealed.

Specialized Equipment and Technology

We utilize the latest equipment and technology in our sewage odor removal process, including high-tech odor detection tools and advanced sanitation products. These tools allow us to effectively locate the source of sewer smells, remove them, and prevent them from recurring.

Emergency Response

Understanding the urgent nature of sewage smell issues, we are prepared to provide prompt and effective solutions. Our team is available round the clock to respond to emergencies, ensuring minimal disruption and damage to your property.

Sewage Odor Prevention

While it’s crucial to address the issue of sewage smells when they arise, prevention is equally important. We provide advice on preventing future odor issues, including regular drain maintenance, checking sewer lines for blockages or damage, and proper sanitation practices.

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Yes, persistent sewer odors could indicate a serious problem like a cracked sewer line, blocked vent pipe, or a significant clog in your drain system. If you notice a persistent bad smell or a raw sewage smell in your home, it’s best to contact a professional plumber.

The wax ring that seals your toilet to the sewer pipe might be faulty, allowing sewer gas to escape. Alternatively, if you haven’t used the toilet in a while, the water in the P-trap could have evaporated, allowing sewer gas to escape from the sewer line.

Our professional services at Elite Water Damage Restoration involve a comprehensive approach to sewer odor issues. This includes locating the source of the smell, which can range from sewer lines to floor drains, followed by the necessary repairs or replacements. We also take steps to prevent future odor issues, ensuring your home remains pleasant and odor-free.

Yes, we at Elite Water Damage Restoration prioritize the use of environmentally friendly techniques and products in all our services, including sewer odor removal. This way, we ensure your home is not only free from unpleasant odors but also safe for you and the environment.

Yes, Elite Water Damage Restoration provides comprehensive sewage odor removal services for both residential and commercial properties. Regardless of the size or complexity of the issue, our team is equipped and ready to restore your property to a clean, odor-free state.

We recommend an annual inspection of your sewer lines and pipes to prevent potential sewer smells. However, if you detect a recurring or strong sewer odor, it’s crucial to contact professionals like us at Elite Water Damage Restoration immediately.

The cost can vary based on the extent of the problem and the specific services required. At Elite Water Damage Restoration, we provide a detailed estimate after a thorough inspection, ensuring transparency and affordability in our services.