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Important Basement Water Removal Tips

Elite Water Damage and Restoration inc.- Basement Water RemovalOur basement water extraction process is a critical step in a water cleanup operation after basement flooding.

A properly executed water extraction will successfully remove water and should prevent excess damage.

Even a small amount of moisture left in a basement may promote a health risk to your family, such as mold growth, lung cancer or sinus infection.

Prior to proper water extraction, our water damage cleanup technician will check the affected areas to determine the extent of the water damage in your basement.

What is basement water extraction?

Water Removal From Basement - Elite Water Damage and Restoration inc.Water extraction is the process of safely removing the excess water in the basement or another affected area.

This is mostly done by the use of gas-powered submersible pumps. The use of wet-dry vacuum units is also a good fit for this type of extraction.

Which extraction equipment to use depends on the depth and the severity of the water damage.

The use of the electrical pump is never advisable for obvious safety reasons, the electric shock might occur.

We don’t recommend the use of a vacuum cleaner; you would only end up buying a new one.

Use a pump or wet vacuum

Water removal services - Elite Water Damage and Restoration inc.The pump or dry-wet vacuum must run across the carpet or another flooring in the same manner as vacuuming a floor.

The task of removing as much water as possible should be completed first. This will facilitate the drying process and help with full restoration and recovery as well.

After extracting the water, a considerable amount of moisture will be left on surfaces, this must be removed through circulating the air within the basement, by opening windows or air opening or cavities on basement walls.

The removal of excess moisture can be facilitated with the use of a high-speed fan, blower, air mover or dehumidifier to accelerate the process and to limit mold growth. The units must be regularly moved along the basement for several hours to make sure that the whole area is completely dried.

at least two days is needed for the complete drying of the whole area.

When to call a basement water removal professional

If your basement is heavily flooded, it is best to contact a water damage and restoration company for water removal from the basement.

They will restore your basement by executing a full water extraction. Our company employs professionals and uses specialized tools for extracting flood and sewage water, such as the truck mount extraction unit.

This unit can remove huge amounts of water from the basement in minutes, thereby speeding up the water damage and restoration process. Other equipment we use is the portable commercial extraction machine. It is a heavy- duty type vacuum unit used for large homes and commercial property water cleanups.

Remember that standing water will get into places in your basement or crawl spaces that you might not think about and it must be properly treated. If the left water in these areas it can be a breeding ground for mold and other fungi. This will pose an even greater health risk to your family members.

Once water has been removed

Once the water removal is finished, our water extraction profession will look for any wet materials that need to be removed as well. This can be carpet padding or wood flooring. This task is accomplished by using moisture meters to detect wet material.

Basement water extraction is one of the steps taken in a successful water damage treatment. However, it is always better to call a professional water extraction company and not take such a serious task on yourself.

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