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Sewage Damage

Always consult a professional

bacteria3When your property’s sewage system is damaged, there is no other option: you have to consult a professional team and have them do their magic.

You alone and even your entire family, unless you are a professional or a professional team, cannot simply take on this herculean task.

Cleaning for sewage damage is not a simple case of cleaning like the cleaning you do in your house.

Damage in sewage entails risks both environmentally and in the health of people who live in the area of the damage sewage.

Thus, cleanup of sewage damaged should be done as quickly as possible, so whatever damage to structures and health dangers to its occupants can be contained. Moreover, the process itself of cleaning sewage is not as easy as it may seem.

Two processes are involved in this cleanup: a physical and a chemical process.

Know the health risks

bacteria1With physical sewage damage cleanup, the cleaner is to remove water, wastes, and debris in the sewage.

You may think that since the sewage would now be free of physical dirt, it is already clean and does not pose any dangers to the health of the people and the environment.

That is wrong.

Chemical disinfection is required, as the sewage is filled with organisms that cannot be cleaned by mere physical cleaning.

These organisms are the ones that present a hazard to the environment and human health (diseases such as Hepatitis A, skin infections and dysentery may occur).

Thus, there is a need to get rid of these microbes such as viruses and bacteria present in the sewage with the use of disinfectants.

What professionals consider in doing sewage cleanup

bacteria2The main determinant of whether to call professional for assistance or not is the extent of the sewage damage.

Then again, one may not correctly assess the damage, which may lead to more danger.

Experts in cleaning-up sewages have the expertise and equipment required to ensure that your home will be free from any hazard caused by sewage damage.

Our expertise does entail a fee, but this still goes for trying to clean the damage yourself, as you will still need to purchase disinfectants and other materials, which in the end may not assure you of 100% safety.

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