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water damage restoration - Elite water damageWater Damage cleanup is a complicated and challenging task. There are many misconceptions out there.

Many times untrained professionals (even homeowners) make mistakes due to those misconceptions.

When water damage restoration is required most people go by what they can only see thinking that’s all there is. The truth of the matter is there is much more to water damage that the eye cannot see.

Water Damage Restoration Tips

water damage equipment on carpetIn the Water Damage Restoration industry, there are two types of water; “dumb water” and “smart water.” The “dumb water” is water that does not know how to hide and that would be the type of water normally people see.

The “smart water” is water that knows very well how to hide in different shapes and forms, and is the water that we cannot see. It is a widespread misconception that once the “dumb water” is out of the premises water removal is done, and the Water Damage Restoration task is over simply because the water removal ended.

This is not true.

The “smart water” is most definitely still at the premises. As previously mentioned they are not visible with the naked eye and require proper water damage sensors, moisture readers and other measures to be discovered.

Our Water Restoration Process

water damage fans in office Calling a professional water damage cleanup company will ensure the job gets done right the first time. Furthermore, it will prevent the creation of a much bigger problem, such as black mold, low indoor air quality, allergies, respiratory problems, etc.

Different types of material once exposed to water needs to be addressed. “Smart water” can be hiding in those materials and if not detected and eliminated will cause decay, mold and mildew growth.

The “smart water” can be found in the form of moisture, liquid, and even vapor and can only be detected with gauges that will measure the relative humidity in the air. There are different sensors for different types of materials that will catch water and moisture.

Materials can range from drywall, wood, tile, and concrete to carpet and carpet padding.

Once the task of the water removal is thoroughly completed, then proper water damage equipment is necessary to dry foundations and content. Adequate sanitation, disinfection, and anti-fungicide treatments need to be applied to ensure the situation will not worsen.

Professional Water Damage Cleanup Company

You are saving money by calling a professional cleaning and restoration company to tackle your water damage job. Statistics show that water damage that was not handled properly and worsens costs 3.8 times more to repair.

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When you have water damage from a flood, storm, leaking appliance, burst pipe, or sewage backup, immediate action is crucial so you don't end up with long-lasting damage. Elite Water Damage Restoration can help you remove any standing water quickly as well as monitor the drying process so you can rest assured that your property is dried thoroughly.Our services include inspection, water removal, drying and dehumidification, cleaning, and restoration.

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